S No. Procedure Duration (No.of working days)
1.. Confirmation of MTS on compassionate ground 15
2.. Miscellaneous complaints & other work 10
3.. Short term Leave arrangements. 07
4.. TA/DA given to Non-Teaching Staff 15
5.. To deal with the court cases of non-teaching staff filed in the High Court & Lower Court tmbd
6.. To give the reply of Audit objection from time to time Imdt
7.. To grant No Objection Certificate. 10
8.. To grant permission for extension in tenure and deployment of Daily Wagers. 15
9.. To issue ad hoc appointments orders of all categories. 15
10.. To issue appointment orders of MIC/Directors/Coordinators /Director of the Schools Edu. 07
11.. To issue appointment orders on Compassionate Ground. 15
12.. To issue name correction orders 15
13.. To Issue of orders of General Selection Committee. 02
14.. To issue order pertaining to Leave Travel Concession Scheme. 15
15.. To issue orders pertaining to Leave encashment after retirement. 15
16.. To issue periodical extensions in the term of temporary appointments. 15
17.. To issue permission of out of station to the Heads of Centers/Institutions etc. 10
18.. To process cases of Voluntary retirement/Invalid Pension. 15
19.. To process Haj deputation cases. 15
20.. To process the proposals for grant of EDA/Honorarium. 15
21.. To sanction Earned Leave/Half Pay Leave etc. 10
22.. To sanction Study Leave/EOL etc. 15
23.. Transfer and Posting. 07