S No. Procedure Duration (No.of working days)
1.. Any type of Scholarship Forms/Fellowship Forms/Certificates form 03
2.. Appointment/ Extension of Project Fellow 08-10
3.. Assessment Committee Reports 03
4.. Award of BSR Fellowship, Continaution Certificate (MANF) 03
5.. Continuation Certificate (JRF/SRF), Half Year Progress Report 03
6.. Date Change of Tour Programme/Field work/Conference etc. 03
7.. Declare Membership for all faculties. 07-10
8.. DST Inspire Fellowship 03
9.. Endorsement Certificate. 03
10.. Equivalency Certificate 03
11.. Form for submitting Accounts of Contingency Grants and the UC, HRA Certificate 03
12.. Forwarding Applications. 03
13.. Information seeking for Recognition of different Courses. 03
14.. Inspire Programme/Fellowship etc. 03
15.. Major/Minor Research Project Proposals/Endorsement Certificates 03
16.. Medium of Instructions. 03
17.. MRP Six Monthly/Annual/Final Report/UC/Grant-in-Aid Bill 03
18.. No Objection Certificate 03
19.. NOC for Affiliation/to Start New Courses. 03
20.. Nomination/deputation to the University Teachers for Academic Work/Exchange Programme. 08-10
21.. Notice of the Board of Studies of the Departments. 03
22.. Permission for adhoc/ temporary appointment of Project Fellow/ JRF/SRF/RA/Data Entry Operator/ Daily Wager (Clerical/Skilled/ Unskilled)/ Fixed Salary/Lab and Office Attendant etc. 08-10
23.. Permission for nomination of the Vice-Chancellorís Nominee and Subject Expert (External/Internal) for the post of Project Fellow/JRF/SRF/RA etc. under the various project. 08-10
24.. Permission as well as grant of duty leave to the University teachers to attend conference/ Seminar etc. without financial assistance. 08-10
25.. Permission for educational tour. 08-10
26.. Permission for ext. expert in the Assessment Committee for upgradation of fellowship. 08-10
27.. Permission for Extension of UGC-Post Doctoral fellowship for Women. 08-10
28.. Permission for Local Selection Committee for the appointment of Project Fellow/JRF/SRF/RA etc. under the various project. 08-10
29.. Permission for payment of Scholarship to the students of Post Grad. Dip. in Hydrogeology. 08-10
30.. Permission for payment of studentship to M.Sc.(Pre.) & M.Sc.(Final) students of IBU. 08-10
31.. Permission for release/app. /ext. of stipend to the students of MD (Unani Med.). 08-10
32.. Permission for release/app./ext. of ICSSR Centrally Admin. Doctoral fellowship. 08- 10
33.. Permission for release/appointment/ext. of ICSSR Post Doctoral fellowship. 08-10
34.. Permission for release/appointment/extension of DST-INSPIRE fellowship. 08-10
35.. Permission for release/appointment/extension of ICMR fellowship 08-10
36.. Permission for release/appointment/extension of Joint-CSIR-UGC fellowship. 08-10
37.. Permission for the award of UGC National Scholarship to M.A. Ist Semester Students, Centre of Advanced Study, Department of History. 08-10
38.. Permission for Upgaradation/Extension of UGC-NET fellowship. 08-10
39.. Permission for utilization of the fund under the head of Visvesvaraya Fellowship (Institutional Overheads/Research/Contingency grant) 08-10
40.. Permission of the Vice-Chancellor to nominate one Eminent Scientist, one Professor, one Associate Professor and two outside experts for the award of BSR-fellowship 08-10
41.. Permission to forward the proposal for Vissvesvaraya PhD. scheme for electronics & IT in the Department of Computer Engg. &Electronic Engg. 08-10
42.. Permission to hold extension lecture/ Invited talk 08-10
43.. Permission to Research Scholar to attend conference/ seminar etc. without financial assistance. 08-10
44.. Permission to Research Scholar to attend conference/ seminar etc. without financial assistance. 08-10
45.. Permission to Research Scholar to collect Data Material/ to attend Conference/ Seminar/ training programme outside Aligarh without financial assistance. 08-10
46.. Permission to Research Scholars for grant of financial assistance to attend Conference/ Seminar etc. within India and abroad and for Field Work within India and Publication Work. Aspg
47.. Permission to send the proposal to start new course/ increase seats 08-10
48.. Permission to University teachers for grant of financial assistance to attend Conference/ Seminar etc. within India and Abroad Aspg
49.. Permission to University teachers to travel by Taxi to attend Conference/Seminar etc. 08-10
50.. Permission to visit for Data Collection/Field Survey/Conference/Workshop etc under the Project Grant of various project. 08-10
51.. Post Doctoral Fellowship, Grant-in Aid Bill etc 03
52.. Preparation of Agenda for the Ordinary Meeting of the Faculty. 15-20
53.. Process of MoU proposal to be entered between AMU and outsides Institute. 08-10
54.. Recognition of Madarsas Courses equivalent to degree/certificate of AMU. Aspg
55.. Release of Post Doctoral Fellowship of Dr. D.S. Kothari 08-10
56.. Request of various Teachers for Travel Grant from deferent funding agencies 03
57.. To issue Notice/Agenda of Board of Studies of All Departments 01-03
58.. To issue Notice/Agenda of the all Faculty Meetings 01-03